#7: No Man’s Land

Christmas is over *pause for applause and sighs of relief*.I mean, I’m sure it was lovely for some of you – lucky bastards – but even you must be wiping your eyebrows saying ‘phew’. No more basting, no more wrapping, no more eating carrots for the reindeer at 1am, no more countdowns, no more ElfContinue reading “#7: No Man’s Land”

4: Half pride, half grinch.

I shall start off this post with the fleeting positives. I am sticking to my budget – what, me? – I am working more shifts and enjoying my job, I am doing my DBT homework in between group and one-to-one and sharing – sometimes far too much – in group. (And yes I did haveContinue reading “4: Half pride, half grinch.”

3: The First Step is Bloody Scary (plus a ramble about binge eating..ya know, cause I’m all about the fun stuff).

So, my CPN thinks i’m ready to take the plunge. Having seen her every week/fortnight for 9 months we’re stepping it back to once a month. Eeeeek. I’m very happy that she thinks I’m stable enough, level enough, prepared enough to lessen the support. I mean I do have a million other weekly support stuffContinue reading “3: The First Step is Bloody Scary (plus a ramble about binge eating..ya know, cause I’m all about the fun stuff).”

2: Lemon Tart and Imessages

Another day in the life of recovery/ish/sometimes – i’m in part time recovery. Ha, who am I kidding? My entire life is therapy at the moment. My schedule runs a little like this: Monday: sometimes working, Tues: DBT group in the morning and my addiction councillor in the afternoon (I get a free lunch onContinue reading “2: Lemon Tart and Imessages”

1: The Cafe

Hi. My name is Liv. I am a mess, a writer, a singer, a mental health advocate, performance poet, a weirdo, a nerd, a human (sometimes). Welcome to the rubbish bin for my brain, I guess. The cafe is warm, it smells of Christmas and I feel self-conscious of the darkness inside of me, likeContinue reading “1: The Cafe”

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