Being a Hurricane – Recovery and all that Jazz

Welcome to my misfiring brain, my messy life and my floundering in recovery

  • #6: No Man's Land

    28th Dec 2019 by

    Christmas is over *pause for applause and sighs of relief*.I mean, I’m sure it was lovely for some of you – lucky bastards – but even you must be wiping your eyebrows saying ‘phew’. No more basting, no more wrapping, no more eating carrots for the reindeer at 1am, no more countdowns, no more Elf… Read more

  • A Bad Day with Eva Cassidy

    10th Dec 2019 by

    This whole week has been bizarre. Flashbacks are eating me alive, sadness is scooping me out like a melon, loneliness and regrets and stupidity line my socks like fluffy remnants. I’m almost too exhausted to even riddle it out, to think about any of it. Pain, past, presents. Christmas is so close that I can… Read more

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