Being a Hurricane – Recovery and all that Jazz

Welcome to my misfiring brain, my messy life and my floundering in recovery

  • #10: Being Productive Whilst Hibernating

    23rd Mar 2020 by

    The coronavirus is affecting absolutely everything. So I have zero things to do with my life, it’s odd – BUT I wrote a hugeeee list of things to do whilst not really leaving the house much (obviously wonderful for mental health recovery!). I will post pictures of the list down there somewhere. BUT surprisingly, I’ve… Read more

  • #9: Staring Into Nothing

    19th Mar 2020 by

    Wowzers, two posts in three days – who am I and what have I done with my usual, avoidant self?It’s the first day in the big self-isolating house. And, honestly, I’m already becoming stir crazy. Spent the morning trying to shake off anxiety and sadness like a dog shaking off water – it didn’t work.… Read more

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